Aug 26, 2009


I found Kelly and her blog (through her store) this past May and liked everything about her/the store/the blog. And since then, thanks to her:  I entered my first made quilt in the Charming Threads Spring Quilt Show - my first show.  I've done a quilt a long.  Joined a quilt club.  And it was in June I was given the opportunity to purchase a Gammill (Bessie) and she was kind enough to answer ALL my questions about long arm machines.  She has always had kind, encouraging words for me.  Oh, one more thing, thanks to her I started my own blog about quilting.  That's a lot of stuff in 4 months!  She is one sweet, funny lady and I'm thankful for her friendship. And this is the kind of person Kelly is, I ordered a layer cake and 4 1/2 yards of fabric with my GC from the Charming Girls' Quilt Club July drawing...this is what I got...

And this...

She is just too sweet! She had a note in there that said something like - she was still destashing and since I had some room in my box...she thought I would like it.  Like it? I LOVED all of it!

Kelly, thank you for your kindness!


  1. Oh, you're too kind, Michelle! I've just so enjoyed getting to know you, and getting to see you progress so quickly as a quilter!