Jan 19, 2014

1st 5 blocks done.

I've been sick the last 5-7 days.  Today is the first day I feel normal.  Thank goodness because the AFC & NFC Championship football games are today.  Since I'm here - GO BRONCOS!  GO SEAHAWKS!  While I was sick I was not able to do any sewing.  So I had to put Amber's quilt on hold.  But last night, even though I was still a little out of it, I went ahead and whipped up my 5 blocks.  I think I'm going to like the yellow.  I hope everyone is enjoying this sew-along.  I love the nice, slow pace!  If you'd like to check it out, just click on the Goodnight Irene picture on the right side.  Have a great week!

EDIT AFTER POSTING...maybe I should have waited to feel better before sewing?  Instead of an 'X' block, I sewed 'O' blocks...lol!  I'll fix them later.

Jan 5, 2014

Good Night Irene Sew-Along

The fun has started!  Terry of Terry's Treasures is hosting a sew-along and we are going to be making a quilt called Good Night Irene.  It should measure about 48x48 plus an outer border.  My background fabric came in the other day but I'm going to have to hold off on starting because I am in the middle of finishing up a quilt.  So I decided to use Spring House by Stephanie Ryan.  I picked this line because of the pinks, blues, greens & yellows.  After thinking about the background fabric, I knew I didn't want to use white.  I decided on yellow.  I feel like it will work but I'll know as soon as I start putting it together.  We only have to make 5 blocks this month and it's going to be fun to see the different fabric choices.  If you feel like you want to join in, just click here for more information.  Hope everyone has a good week...stay safe and warm!