Aug 9, 2009

A cool moment...

Yesterday was a nice, lazy summer day (& hot). So while the guys were outside mowing and 'working on stuff', I was able to do some sewing. Then later in the day, we decided to use up what was left in the helium tank (that was left over from the birthday party)...who knew it would fill up the entire ceiling of my little man's room. So there we are, laying on the floor looking up - giggling. It was 'one' of those pretty neat moments - know what I mean? The kind of moment I hope he will remember forever. What kid would not want a room full of balloons?

1 comment:

  1. This post give me a happy tear!!! That was such a sweet wonderful thing to do and I know he will always remember that!! What a great photo. Thanks for visiting me, and so nice to visit your blog!