Aug 11, 2009

It is now on my list.

The other night my husband & I were talking and out of nowhere he asks me 'Do you know where the National Quilt Museum is?'. I said probably somewhere in Ohio or Texas, I don't know. He starts laughing and says 'Some quilter you are.'. I tell him - I give, he proceeds to tell me it's in Paducah, KY (which probably all of you know). I told him that is where THE quilt show is held. I've seen it in magazines. He made some kind of reference to going there and I told him it's probably too far away and not in our budget. He then proceeded to get the atlas. We are about 380 miles away. And in the middle of our conversation, I straight up ask him 'You won't have a problem with me going by myself to the quilt show?', he said no. With that being said...I told him it's now on my list.

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  1. Another worthwhile trip is the International Quilt Museum in Nebraska. I haven't been yet, but I hear it's quite nice!