Aug 10, 2009

Here's a laugh for you...

I had 2 rows left to sew on my Simplicity quilt...I RAN OUT OF THREAD! Talk about disappointment...I was soooo close to finishing it yesterday. I guess that was a sign for me to do some laundry and other cleaning stuff (it worked). If we lived closer to town, I would have finished that top. I'm on a mission to finish it tonight!


  1. Ugh! I despise when that happens! Hope you get your thread today so you can finish!

  2. Figures, eh? It's happened to all of us :^) Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  3. Wow, so much fun stuff going on. Congrats on the compliment on your quilting skills. How fun for you and your little one to enjoy all those balloons. And, kudos to you for getting your work done -- I'd have probably gone out for the thread. Can't wait to see your quilt top.