Aug 5, 2009

Something new...

Well, here it goes...I never would have thought, I of all people, would start a blog. I'm a private person. But thanks to Kelly at Charming Chatter & her quilt club, I have jumped off the edge. Ever since I started quilting, back in Oct08, it has been a wild ride...I HAVE FOUND A NEW LOVE! Honestly, I jumped off the edge back in Oct08 - thanks to a good friend of mine, Teresa. Needless to say - I'm a very lucky gal that I have a very supportive husband & a great kid whom seems to understand my new found passion. I wonder how long their enthusiasm will last?

So here it goes...something new.


  1. Yippee! I'm so excited for you, Michelle. But, even more excited for all of us that we get to follow you along in life and quilting!

  2. I just read your whole blog lol!!! I love it! I love your style... I think it's very similar to the kinds of things I like to do!

    I just got in the CGQC! I'm sure we'll get to "know" each other as time moves on!