Aug 27, 2009

It's not his time to go.

It's been a very long, emotional day. 9:30 this morning I get a call from my husband saying he has been in a car wreck, the van is totaled, his chest hurts and that I should meet him at the hospital. He's very calm & cool in bad situations.  In a nutshell, someone didn't see him and turned right in front of him.  It happened so fast that my husband didn't have time to hit the brakes.  By the grace of God, my husband & the other person only suffered aches & bruises.  I don't even want to think about what could have happened if he was on his motorcycle (which is what he rides going to work - everyday).  The belt on his motorcycle broke last week & his bike has been in the shop since then.  It truly is funny how things work out the way they do.

I just wanted to say...
 Thank you Lord for not taking him.


  1. Glad that all is okay, and he's still kickin' it!

  2. Oh what a scare! Glad there weren't any serious injuries...

  3. I have this belief that "things happen for a reason"( broken motorcycle belt). My kids get tired of hearing me say that when they are faced with a disppointment but
    I B e l i e v e .
    And yes Thank-you Lord!
    Have a good week-end with your husband!

  4. Thank God for small miracles (broken belt), and big ones (okay hubby)! I agree with Joan -- everything happens for a reason. I'm so glad he's okay!

  5. So so glad he's make me shudder anymore, and I used to race them. Thank you Lord for keeping him safe.

  6. OMG...this gives me the chills! Things truly happen for a reason!

    I'll be thinking of you and your family!