Oct 31, 2011


up on the chopping block (lol!), are my lovely Ghastlie Sistaaahhhhhsss!
Remember to leave comments on these ladies Ghastlie post to get the chance to be entered in Madame Samm's giveaway!

Oct 28, 2011

It's day 5...

of more Ghastlie creations!  Next up on the chopping block (lol!)...

Remember to leave comments on these ladies Ghastlie post to get the chance to be entered in Madame Samm's giveaway!

Bloggers' Quilt Festival :: Fall 2011

This is a Schnibbles pattern, Scratch.  I used Chic or Treat from Moda.  I made this quilt because I was inspired by Shelia's quilt.  She made it with Swanky.  You can see her Scratch here.  I just finished this quilt about 2 weeks ago, just in time for Halloween...whohoo!

Thanks for stopping by!  Thanks to Amy for hosting such a fun event.  To check out more amazing quilts, you can just click here to go back to the festival.

Oct 27, 2011

Day 4 of more Ghastlie Magic...

WHO IS HAVING FUN?!?!?!?  This is one wild, crazy blog hop!  I'm just so excited to be included in this wonderful group of Ghastlie ladies!  So, for day 4...you need to check these ladies out...

Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              
Each day we will have a giveaway...
Some of my Ghastlie Sisters have made some special
projects to giveaway and we will have daily BIG PRIZES.
You can find out if you are a grand prize winner here:  www.sewiquiltnow.com

Oct 26, 2011

Day 3 of Ghastlie Magic....

Go check out these Ghastlie ladies to find out what they will be offering...     
Each day we will have a giveaway...
You can go to MSamm's blog to find out if you are a grand prize winner at

Oct 25, 2011

Day 2 of GHASTLIE fun!!!

For our 2nd day of Ghastlie fun...here are our next 5
 Ghastlie Sistahhhhhhhhhhhhhs with more fun projects to share!

Each day we will have a giveaway...
Some of my Ghastlie Sisters have made some special
projects to giveaway and we will have daily BIG PRIZES 
from these sponsors....to sweeten the CAULDRON....

Some of our Sponsors

Alexander Henry Fabrics- lot's and lot's of Ghastlie Fabric
Quilt Taffy Gift Certificate $51.12 
Colonial Needle -sewing basket 
Janes Fabrics -Kona fabrics in PINK -fat quarter bundle
Reliable Iron - orange Velocity 50
IHAN ( kelly )- aurifil threads
Coeurdalenegifts- 2 sets of Halloween lights
Forth Worth Fabric Studio - gorgeous gift set of Ghasltie fabric
Creative Grid -3 Rulers their top 3 
Blue FIG-  wheeled bag in PINK

and of course some sweet surprises from our 
Guest Ghasltie Sissssssssssssters..!

Oct 24, 2011

The Ghastlies Blog Hop....has started!

Welcome to our 1st Annual Ghastlie Blog HOP

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot
and you wish you could get them out of your mind
than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure
Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure
that we could stitch the nights away
in hopes that we MAY----
( all 53 of us)  


The side effects are Ghastlie
there is no mistaking too.
if you don't run this very minute
YOU too will catch the FLU...

We suspected all along 
this was her master plan
she did not want to be alone,
 with all  YOU Ghastlie FANS...

HERE is OUR Schedule.....
each name will link you to our Ghastlie
Be sure to leave them some comments
that will have their FLU....

 ON Monday, October 24th 

 ON Tuesday October 25th 

 ON Wednesday October 26th     
 ON Thursday October 27th 

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

 ON Friday October 28th 

 ON Monday October 31st

 ON Tuesday November 1st 

 ON Wednesday November 2nd

 ON Thursday November 3rd

 ON Friday November 4th
 Ms Susan Ghastlie
Madame Ghastlie

Each day we will have a giveaway...
Some of my Ghastlie Sisters have made some special
projects to giveaway and we will have daily BIG PRIZES.
There will be a grand winner at Mdm Samm's blog.
I will have my own giveaway on Nov. 2nd...so be sure to come back.

Oct 18, 2011


Allie is having one AWESOME giveaway!  I'm not into scrap booking BUT if you are you need to check this out!

Oct 12, 2011


I did the 'EASY' way & put numbers on paper & had my random generator (aka...my kid) pick 2 pieces of paper...

#8 Melinda

#10 Kelly

I've already emailed them to get their addresses...CONGRATS to Melinda & Kelly!

Thanks go to Plume Books for letting me share The Devil's Puzzle book with you.  If you would like to purchase a copy or find out more info. about Clare O'Donohue you can just click here.

Oct 11, 2011

Schnibbles Scratch...DONE!

I finished this baby over the weekend! From start to finish, it only took over a year...can I get a WHOHOO? LOL!  I had to go to my Flickr page to see when I finished the quilt top...I got it done back in September of last year.  I quilted it with a lime green variegated thread...it definitely gives it a freaky feel.

I was inspired by Shelia's version made with Swanky.  I LOVE Swanky.  You can see Shelia's Schnibble here.

Oct 10, 2011

Sherrod Studio is having a GRAND OPENING SALE!!!

I'm so excited for Kim!  You can go HERE to check out the deals!!!

Oct 3, 2011

The Devil's Puzzle Book GIVEAWAY!!!

I was asked a couple of weeks ago about possibly doing a giveaway for Clare's new book, The Devil's Puzzle.  I just got these in today and I don't want to wait another minute.  Here's  a little scoop about the book...

Witchcraft in a small New England town typically harkens Salem, Massachusetts.  However, amateur sleuth Nell Fitzgerald finds the upcoming anniversary of Archers Rest, New York drawing out the town’s own dark history of witchcraft, as well as that of its residents in THE DEVIL’S PUZZLE.  Nell is thrilled when her grandmother Eleanor’s boyfriend plans a double surprise—restoring the rose garden of her old Victorian house, and a marriage proposal.   However, Oliver’s plans are put on hold when a skeleton is unearthed in Eleanor’s backyard.  Police Chief Jesse Dewalt launches an investigation, and for once, Nell vows to stay out of his way, instead focusing on organizing a historic quilt show as part of the town’s upcoming anniversary festivities.  When clues lead to questions about Eleanor’s past, Nell is forced to uncover the truth.  As the anniversary approaches, a chilling wave of vandalism strikes town hot spots, raising fears that witchcraft has returned, and revealing secrets that could change life in Archer’s Rest forever.

In addition to being an avid quilter, Clare O’Donohue is a freelance television writer and producer, who has worked on a variety of programs including HGTV’s Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.  If you are interested to find out more about Clare, you check her out on her website:  http://clareodonohue.com/

SO...the book has mystery & witches, which makes for perfect Halloween reading!  If you would like a chance at winning a copy, just leave me a comment.  Anyone, from anywhere can enter...Good Luck!

I'll do the draw on October 11th (Tuesday) (in the evening)...names on paper put in a fish bowl.  I will then email the winner.  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER.