Aug 17, 2009

SOME BEACH! (It's also a title of a country song.)

I ordered my border fabric last week and I'm thinking it should be here by I called & was told there was a 'mix up' with my order. My print out was in the wrong pile & someone was supposed to call me to let me know there was not enough yardage. There's no reason to get upset - it just sucks up good energy. Soooooo I started looking on the net & sure enough I found something else. Hopefully it will be here by Saturday...which really won't matter because I'll be leaving for Biloxi, MS Thursday morning. Which reminds me - I won't have access to the internet, which means I won't be able to see what everyone else is blogging about (I'm finding it hard too swallow). Sorry, I'm digressing. Hopefully my material will be here when I get back. Happy Sewing!

1 comment:

  1. I hope it comes quickly for you - enjoy your time in Biloxi!