May 29, 2011

Gail's Quilt

 Before I talk about this quilt, is anyone out there still having problems leaving comments?  I am.  I guess I'll just have to get over it...for now.  Maybe I'll try blog surfing/commenting tomorrow.

ANYHOO...this is Gail's quilt.  I just finished it a couple of days ago.  She has the most coolest vintage fabrics.  The yellow butterfly brought back sweet memories because we had those sheets when I was growing!  I put an iron-on stabilizer on each block.  All of the fabrics needed a little support and by adding the stabilizer this quilt should last a very long time.  I read on someone's blog about using stabilizer because I wouldn't have known.  Gail found the perfect binding to go with her quilt, it's from the Dream On line.  The backing was supposed to be all Bella Solid white.  But I also had some yardage from the Dream On collection and decided to add a 5 inch strip to the middle of the backing (pic #4).  I love everything about this quilt...the fabric & style just fit.  I can't wait for Gail to see it in person because quilts are so much more beautiful in person.

I'm looking forward to doing some blog surfing tomorrow.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

ps...when I took pictures of the quilts on the the fallen tree, I had a sheet underneath the quilt.

May 13, 2011

Bloggers' Quilt Festival :: Spring 2011

 You know when you see a quilt (on a blog, in a magazine, ect.) and an excitement comes over you because you know you have to make it?  Well, that is what happened to me when Kris (aka Dandelion Quilts) posted her State Fair Schnibble...way back.  I was inspired.  I fell in love with the pattern.  Back in August 2010, I finished the State Fair top in Bliss.  And I'm happy to tell everyone that it was last month that I completed it but didn't say a word because I wanted to share it for the festival.  My dh was amazed at how I kept my mouth!  It's a fun pattern.  The fabric, Bliss, was the perfect fit.  I can't wait to make another one...maybe in Punctuation?

Like everyone else, I've been waiting for the festival to's going to be a fun weekend of amazing eye candy in blog land.  Thanks go to Amy for throwing such a fun, festive event.  You can find more amazing quilts here.

May 11, 2011

The Carolina Bag

I received a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday from Kim of Sherrod Studio.  She gifted me this pattern and 2 pretty cuts of fabric.  I really love this pattern!  After going over the materials needed and instructions, I'm going to make this bag.  I just need to finish a really cool, vintage sheet quilt I'm working on for Gail.  Here is a pic of the top part of the quilt.  As most of you know, fabric is so much prettier in person.  And these fabrics are beautiful.  All of the fabrics were in very good condition but since these were going to be used for a quilt, I put a non-woven stabilizer on each piece.  I've learned this motto from Mel...or Melody???...if your going to take the time to make a quilt, you might as well use the best materials/methods when making one.  And this