Sep 10, 2009

What a lunch hour!

It was last week when I told you about me & 2 of my friends (Melinda & Teresa (I got permission to use their real names)) were going to do a Halloween wall hanging together.  Well, the ball has started to roll!  We were able to lay out our fabric the way we wanted (well most of us did)...
By doing this on our lunch our, with no interuptions (, tv, phone, ect.), helped us shorten the time we will spend on this project at home.  I mean half of the project is it not?  So now we can start sewing...hopefully we can at least commit to 10-15 minutes a night? Every other day?  Anyhoo, I figure we should be done by the end of Sept. - if not sooner.  That is the plan for now...I am soooo freakin' excited to get this done, I just can't stand it!  I love Halloween!  And I know, deep (real deep) down, they feel the same way!


  1. I LOVE the way it looks so far - can't wait to see! How fun to do that with friends.

  2. Love these fabrics too! I like the layout very much :^) Will all 3 Halloween quilts be the same layout or is each one going to be different? It's always fun to work with friends
    on quilting projects, and inspiring too!

  3. Too fun that you have some local quilting buddies, now -- and the table runner is going to be cute! Fun, fun.

  4. That is really cute! Are you using all charm squares??