Sep 18, 2009

Time to assess the damage - I mean list.

Scatter brained comes to mind when I think about this month.  Of course having my DH in a head on car wreck about 3 weeks ago - did not help.  But no sense in dwelling with the 'WHAT IF's', life is too short and projects need to get done, right? CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  So, it's been said it helps to write things down, I'm a firm believer in that, so here is what I have on my list I would like to complete (one day):

  1. Simplicity - still needs to be quilted & binded.
  2. Blueberry Surprise - need to quilt & bind.  I've completed the top so that counts as 1 UFO done.
  3. Complete Halloween wall hanging - top is done, it's the rest of it that's holding me back.
  4. Dinosaur Uproar (secret mission quilt) - slowly making progress, that sounds good, ya know come to think of it...never mind - I'm still working on it.
Looking at my list, the only thing I've done is complete the blueberry top.  Oh, and I did practice some quilting on the Simplicity quilt...I'm still trying to figure out Bessie.  I just wish I had more time to spend on her. I guess I better get the lead out.  Ok, time to focus and get to work...I'm on a mission!  Have fun sewing ladies!!!


  1. Have fun Michelle... I'm right besides you sewing away!
    It is so true we must count our blessings and not worry about what could have been!

  2. I'm a list-maker too - but I keep misplacing it. You can do it, girl!

  3. Good luck with tackling the list- mine just seems to grow, and grow as I get distracted by the newest fabric or pattern I see!