Sep 3, 2009

Didn't take that much time

to decide I wanted to do the Wonky quilt along.  Imagine that!  I couldn't stop thinking about it last night and all day today.  I was racking my brain trying to figure out what fabric I could use.  I'm still a little new so I don't have a very big stash.  Most of my stash is from Kelly and I won it.  So here I am thinking about what I could use and I had left overs from the Recipe for Friendship line - a jelly roll (minus 7 strips), some spare charms and a few pieces of fabric.  If I end up with a table topper - I will be extremely happy.  I'm trying to quilt on a budget...know what I mean?  So, I'm officially adding 1 more CGQC project for September. Thank you.


  1. I hear you Michelle, I'm also trying to quilt on a budget these days... of course I probably have enough stash to sew for the rest of this year. Okay, okay maybe til sometime next year even! I laughed because your a libra AND your name is Michelle, ditto same as me weird huh? Good luck with the long arm... that is a dream of mine for the future.

  2. Can't wait to see this. I did ONE quilt along and that was fun, but I wasn't too sure about this one. I will be sorry after I see all the great quilts I am sure.