Sep 17, 2009

This is a happy place - for me.

So, I will only say this once 'NO, BUTT HEADS ALLOWED!'.  Like I stated, this is a happy place - for me.  I love the idea that I can share my quilting adventures/screw ups/progress with other people and vice versa.  But there are a few people out there who are poo-poo, I went ahead and followed Allie's lead to review comments before they are published.  I don't like it but I prefer to review any not-so nice comments before someone else sees them...know what I mean?  I'm gonna try it and see how it goes...


  1. Seriously? What on earth would people have against your blog? I personally love to read your thoughts and ideas! Thanks for writing!

  2. It's a bit more work, for us, but if I can keep someone from seeing or inadvertantly clicking on a nasty link, it's worth it.