Sep 8, 2009

I am no longer a closet blogger!

I've just told my friends about my quilting blog.  I have to admit, it was a little difficult for me because everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a private person.  I would be the last one in the world to start a blog.  If you were to ask any of them, they would tell you the same thing.  I hate to say it but I felt a little embarrassed. (don't ask me why)  I guess I'm just being silly.  Granted they could give a flip about quilting but I'm glad I told because I wanted to let them to know how excited I am about 'EVERYTHING' when it comes to quilts/quilting... 

Now I won't be telling my mom or sister until after Christmas because I've made a quilt for my mom.  I want it to be a surprise.  I also might quilt a quilt for my sister so I don't want her to know yet either.  So besides those 2 people, everyone I know knows that I have a blog about quilting and I LOVE it!


  1. Good for you!!!!! I started my blog on a whim one night when I couldn't sleep, and it took me awhile to tell everyone too, lol. But now I'm hooked!

  2. Thanks for sharing...I don't feel so bad. :)

  3. I can relate.. I just told the people at work about my blog and for the longest time I had the link to my blog below my signature on my e-mail but never directed anyone to it. If they clicked on it from curiosity that's how they would find out.
    But, like Allie, now I tell everyone!