Sep 23, 2009


I love my wonky log cabin blocks but I have an ISSUE with the teal sashing.  So much so that I've stopped looking at them & have put them up.  So I remembered, way back, when I was window shopping I saw this...It's a Moda Bella Solid Color Card.

and I remember thinking 'Why would someone want this?'.  (DUH!!!) I'm laughing right now, because I've answered my own question.  It's on back order so I'm going to have to wait.  I don't mind waiting to complete my wonky log cabin quilt because I just love the pattern/fabric and I want to do it right.  Anyhoo, I am hoping it comes in time for our quilt along, I want to see what backround color I can use for my quilt.  Which makes me want to ask...first - this is the CGQC quilt for the quilt along...

  • Can you use a different color for the back round or do you have to use white?

  • Has anyone ever used a different color?

  • Or is it a rule that you have to use white?

  • Or is white used because it's the best color to use?

Any thoughts/input would be much appreciated!

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  1. What is that? The pic is too small and I can't read it. Is it like a color chart?

    I make a real mess when I'm searching for the perfect color sashing. I go to the quilt store with my blocks, pull out all the colors I think I might want, and start laying blocks on them. And I have to take someone with me for a second opinion, lol. I think the hardest part of quilting is picking colors!

    I would think you could use any colors you want in the quilt-along, but I'm not doing it so maybe someone who is can chime in.