Sep 17, 2009

CGQC September Tag

Well, we've been tagged.  We just have 2 things to answer this time around.

1. I'd like to suggest 'SPECKLES' for our quilt along.  It reminds me of speckles of light.

2. Use the letters in your first name to list characteristics about yourself, so here is goes:
  • M - merry.
  • I - independent.
  • C - chubby but that's what you get when you have a Korean woman trapped in a Polish woman's body.  If I was full Korean I'd be shorter and MUCH thinner.  Maybe they should have named me Helga?
  • H - happy.
  • E -excitable.
  • L - likable.
  • L - loves to laugh - it's good for the soul.
  • E - easy going.


  1. Okay, so now I know some more about Michelle! I love it that you love to laugh, LOL

  2. I like "Speckles". And I love learning more about you!