Oct 15, 2009

ZOO BOO at the Memphis Zoo

We are leaving first thing Friday morning, taking a road trip to Memphis for the weekend.  When we were researching our trip, we knew we wanted to take our little guy to the zoo and whadda ya know - the ZOO BOO for Halloween happens to start on the 16th!  AWESOME!  So tomorrow night we will be at the Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center ZOO BOO event.  In addition to the zoo and the Bass Pro Shop, I've made sure I have at least 1 or 2 quilting/fabric stores put on our to 'visit' list.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend sewing!


  1. Woohoo - have a great time! LOL - my word verification is "sewiness"!

  2. Hope you and your little one are having a blast -- can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. How far away do you live from the Memphis Zoo? I am not to far!