Oct 28, 2009

Labels - Less is more...

When it comes to labels (and pretty much everything else - especially make-up) I believe in the 'LESS IS MORE' motto. Even if I had pretty hand writing, a printer or an embroidery machine, I still wouldn't want that kind of label. I guess it all depends on the style of the quilt maker - right? Well, instead of doing a detailed label, I ordered these custom made tags from Lola.  I sewed this tag on the mini quilt.  And when I was quilting it, I quilted the date 'OCT 2009' into the quilt.  I just love the simplicity of it and how it turned out - I just forgot to take a picture of it.  Anyhoo - but don't get me wrong, I do enjoy looking at labels.  I especially like the one Esther did for her mini quilt.  If your into labels, you really should go check hers out - very snazzy!  And if anyone has suggestions on simple labeling techniques - I would love to hear about it.


  1. Sometimes, I do nothing more than write my name and the date onto the back of the quilt with pigma pen - I LOVE your labels though, no messing up! If it's for a gift, sometimes I write first with disappearing marker, then trace over it with pigma pen when I have it how I want it.

  2. HI Michelle, I like simple too. If you try to put everything on it the label sometimes turns out a little large. I was so excited to mail my mini-quilt, I forgot to put the label on it.

  3. Hey thanks! I'm new to quilting, and will be quilting my first soon, and did not like the elaborate labels. This is a GREAT idea!