Oct 6, 2009

Charm Pack Deal - 5 for $25

This is too good not to share...Melinda (my barrel racing friend) came across this store and found an amazing deal.  You can get 5 charm packs for $25.  They have a pretty nice selection to choose from.  I'm not sure how long the sale will last.  Since most of us are on a budget (some tighter than others), this is really an awesome deal.  On top of that, we split the shipping cost!  If your interested, you should check out The Clever Quilter.


  1. Thanks. I ordered some. They have a very nice selection too!


  2. I have bought from her previously, and did buy some of these earlier this week. Even with the conversion from Canadian to US dollars and the cost of the shipping it is still cheaper for me. Love to find these deals!

  3. I got Alien Invasion & Simplicity. I don't have anything planned for those charms. I'm just building up my stash. That's an excellent reason to shop! Right?

  4. Thanks! I think I'll order some - they have several I like.