Oct 15, 2009

CGQC October Tag...

Joan is hosting our club this month and she has just tagged us.  The question is:  Which shoe fits you and why do you think so? 

I happen to think I fit into 2 different shoes, the easy going & the young at heart.  I'm easy...going that is.  Most of the time I go with the flow because I do...but when I don't want or care for something I know when to use my voice.  I'm a Libra.  I like the motto;  Don't sweat the small stuff because in the end it's all small stuff.  When it comes to the young at heart, I believe that age is just a number.  I do admit to being goofy at times but I love to laugh.  I believe laughing keeps your heart & soul young...and people look so much better when their doing it!


  1. What a neat tag - and I think you're right, laughing keeps you young!
    I couldn't pick a shoe for myself, I didn't see old and decrepit up there *snort*

  2. Oh Michelle I love your shoes.. I am a libra too and I also believe you are only as old as you feel....as for laughing there is nothing I enjoy most, as a good laugh and my sister and I did just that all the way and back from our workshop which was super by the way♥♥♥. I can't wait to finish my project to show you:)
    Have a super week-end!

  3. Ahhh, both very good attributes to have. I'm working on the easy going part (giggle).