Oct 5, 2009

The Caroler by M.E.

After going back and forth, and back and forth, I decided to do our Half Pint Quilt Along in this line.  I had 3 different jelly rolls to choose from and this line just seemed right.  I also want to have something to hang up for Christmas.  With that in mind, I'm thinking I might adjust the borders to make it smaller, who knows, I'm just thinking out loud...

Okay, the Vikings and Packers are playing in about 20 minutes...I don't think I can do any sewing/ironing tonight.  I'm just nervous thinking about it.  ANYHOO...

GO BRETT!!! ( & go Packers.)

I can't help it, I'm a Packer fan but maybe it's because he's a Libra & I'm a Libra?  Or it could be that Brett is Brett...know what I mean?


  1. Ok, I'm coveting that jelly roll right now - love ME stuff. This is going to be lovely!

    My son just 5 minutes ago showed me a Sears commercial with Brett - the guy was trying to sell him a tv and he couldn't make up his mind, lol - still there after the store closed.

  2. I didn't know you were a NFL fan! My DH was looking forward to watching the game tonight too. Love your pick of jelly roll, I was thinking maybe using ME fabric too (not the same fabric line though) but I'm having trouble deciding, LOL!!!