Oct 26, 2009

Mini Quilt Swap - DONE!

I hope my swap partner likes it.  This is the 4th quilt I've completed and it is the 2nd quilt I've quilted on Bessie.  Yes, that's right - I think I've finally figured her out, now all I have to to do is just practice.  Anyhoo, I sent it out by UPS Ground today.  She should have it by Thursday...call me silly but I still feel nervous.


  1. That's darling!!!!! And yes, I can relate to the nerves, lol! You won't hear "silly' from me!

  2. The only thing you should be nervous about is if it get lost in transit because it is
    g o r g e o u s.. I lvoe it...
    Great job on Bessie...

  3. I am sure she will love it...because I do!

    Way to go Bessie!

  4. I DO LOVE IT...it is perfectally fall. What a cute fabric line, too. I especially love the backing materials, those flowers just scream my name! Thank you!!!

  5. I CAN BREATHE NOW!!! I'm soooo happy that your happy with it! I too love the backing on that quilt. :)