Nov 9, 2009


I thought I would be able to get the kind of thread I needed at wally world to start quilting my Half Pint with but they only had hand quilting thread in stock.  Since I'm about 2 hours south & north of some fabric stores, I went ahead and ordered some online yesterday.  Hopefully I won't have to wait too long.  So instead of working on the Simplicity quilt - I started on a runner.  After I finished the center, I had to put that on hold because I need to get some fabric for the border.  So I went ahead and started on my Thanksgiving wall hanging.

And the funny thing is - that's have several projects on the fire (right?).  


  1. Most quilters have several projects on the go in various stages, that's the norm. However there are some quilters that finish one project at a time before starting the next one...but I personally don't know anyone like that! LOL

  2. Perfectly normal, Michelle! Although I have one friend who will not start a project until she's completely finished with her current one. She's a bit odd, lol.