Nov 26, 2009

Check list

I don't know how many of you will be doing the Black Friday event but I thought I'd just do a quick reminder/suggestion list:
  1. Take your ads/print outs
  2. charge your cell phone
  3. contact wearer's - take your eye drops
  4. a couple of asprin/advil
If anyone has something to offer please leave me a comment.  I will be checking this post around 8pm (CST) tonight.  I plan to be in bed around that time because 3am will be here in no time.  Monroe, LA is about 2 hours away and the FUN (LOL!) starts around 4-5am, depending on the store.  The funny thing is, I'm pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping.  I'm just going for the fun, food & girl time!  Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow! : )


  1. Have fun tomorrow! and remember to take your shapping list :^)

  2. I would suggest a purse with a long enough strap, so you can cross it over your chest and keep it in front of your body. Or a coat with an inside pocket for your wallet. Pickpockets abound on Black Friday! Have fun and we won't discuss how jealous I am that you're about done with your shopping!