Nov 20, 2009


She is one hip chick.  She had her 300th post giveaway a couple of weeks ago and - yep - I won!  And I would have posted a picture a couple of days ago but I wanted to be able to take the picture outside.  This is one beautiful quilt top and the cool thing is, Katherine also sent me matching material for the binding!  After looking over this quilt, I need to learn how to iron better.  I don't 'press' very good, maybe it's my iron - that I inherited from my Mom 20 years ago.

I also got a bonus surprise...

How cute is that?  Since I was already having problems with my Thanksgiving wall hanging, I put it aside and put this one up.  I really am one lucky gal to have won this prize! Katherine - Thank You!!!


  1. Congratulations! They are both very cute.

  2. I love how the quilt looks outside Michelle!
    Enjoy them!

  3. Oh Michelle... I am so glad for you! I have always been told that good things happen to good people so I have no doubt why you were the winner!

  4. Hey Michelle, after going to my friend's house, I decided I need a new iron. Her's is like a dream. It is a Rowenta that is stainless steel and a professional. She got it at Costco, but I have also seen it at is worth every penny. Next time I have a penny...I am treating myself to one. LOL

    What a lucky win you wonderful!!!!

  5. Wow - are you lucky or what!!!!!! Beautiful!