Nov 20, 2009


It's the SUPERBOWL version of the best shopping day of the year...and if you haven't seen some of the deals going on, and your into the event, you really need to go check out  For example, Jo-ann's is having one heck of a 50% off of quilting notions - thread - all batting, 40% off of quilting bundles and they also have a Rowenta DX6900 Duo Iron for $39.99 (reg. 79.99).  I can feel my heart pounding from all the anticipated excitement to come!  Oh, and then there's Target, Kohl's, Michaels & Hancock's...too many stores to list them all.  If you want more infomation, you really need to go check out the website.

DISCLAIMER...Prices & discounts are subject to change so make sure to check/verify the vendors ad to see what they will have on sale.  I don't want anyone mad at me for a misprint.  LOL!  This website is supposed to have all the black Friday ads listed on it's website -  Even though it's about a week away, it doesn't hurt to start planning ahead!


  1. I have always thought of venturing to the USA for Black Friday. Maybe someday!Happy shopping!

  2. I used to get up on Black Friday to get to Joann's at 6am, in my JAMMIES. Let everyone else go out for the tv's and dvd's and computers - I want fabric, lol!