Nov 5, 2009


A couple of weeks back, Joan (who was hosting our CGQC club last month) asked for recipes from us Charming Girl's and for those who submitted one - she had a giveaway.  And my name was picked...whohoo for me!  Well, I got my prize the other day.  It was like Christmas...but different.  Anyhoo, the book was signed by Karen (AWESOME!), I can't wait to have some alone time to enjoy each page.  Then there is The Quilter's Angel kit.  Joan even labeled the material in the kit!  I'm looking forward to completing it.  Then she sent me the neat towel.  I'm going to hang it in my sewing room.  And then of course, the card - it's a picture of The Quilt Taffy quilt she made.  Joan has the most elegant hand writing.  To Joan, thank you for such a sweet prize.


  1. Your are more than welcome! Well deserving♥♥♥ I made your pie and it is soooo delicious..
    So glad you you enjoyed your parcel. Can't wait to see your Angel (The Protector of all Things Unfinished)

  2. Congratulations on your win - what a wonderful prize!