Jan 14, 2011

My Fabric Shack

Like everyone out there - I LOVE shopping for/looking at fabric.  Of course, I'm 2 hours away (north & south) from a fabric store so most of my shopping is online but I digress...ANYHOO...

Jane of Jane's Quilt and Fabric has opened up 'My Fabric Shack'...you should check it out.  And if you haven't checked out her blog - you should.  It's a fun place to visit, I don't know her but I really like her...I know it sounds a little creepy...lol!  Maybe I should say - I really like how her personality comes through on her blog...yeah, that sounds better.  I think she's very talented and I definitely feel inspired after visiting her blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I'm on board with you on the trip to the quilt shop...Seat belt fastened....LOL

  2. i will have to go pay her a visit.....Thanks so much Michelle for your kind words and support when my husband left me...I sure appreciate it!

  3. Oh, I definitely want to go shopping with you. You have such great taste. And, you are such fun too!


  4. Hi,
    I stopped by from Online Quilting and read the quote in the upper right corner... I have read it before where it was attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Just thought you'd like to know.