Jan 4, 2011

CGQC Theme for January & February...really for 2011

This is our theme:  Word Up!  This is what Kelly said in her post: ' So, for our theme this month - I'd like for you all to choose a word that you'd like to see reflected in your life in the coming year - a word to visit periodically, and to focus on throughout the year!'  And it got me thinking...what word would I pick to enhance my year?  So, I'm thinking...I'm thinking ...I'm thinking...(flash back to the scene from Night of the Museum...lol!)  and I think I got it - it's:

part of speech: verb
defined: delight in, enjoy

And thanks to Kelly - I'm writing it down for 2011 so I make sure I savor every moment
(fun & not so fun). 
Because you never know when you'll be called home...


  1. Oh Michelle - I love this one! You're so right - we just never know! Thank you so much for participating Michelle - I'm so anxious to see how this impacts us all!!

  2. Love your choice for your word- I am still contemplating...

  3. Love that one, Michelle - I picked Joy - and I'm thinking of making a small wall quilt with my word, to remember it all year. I love Kelly's idea!

  4. Oh such a good word. I really like it. This is a good way to go through life.

  5. Oh I love that word too.. I think I will keep it close an adopt it once in awhile...

  6. A word that fits you. May you savor all your journeys in the year.

  7. Delicious word, Michelle! :) May you savor each and every moment of the year :)