May 26, 2010

My quilting journey...

June 1989
I feel like my journey started about 20 years ago because it was during this time I became facinated by quilts. I wanted to make one. So, I bought this book:
with the intention of making my first quilt. I read & studied the pages over and over again. Looking and admiring the pictures over and over again. For reasons I can't remember, I put the book up & never made my quilt. BUT - the desire to make a quilt was never forgotten, it was on my 'LIST'.

September 2008
This is when my journey starts rolling. The fair is in town and the exhibits were brought up during a lunch discussion. I mentioned that I always wanted to make a quilt. Well, Teresa says 'Let's make a quilt to submit in next year's fair.' Alrighty then, lets!

November 2008
I ended up finishing my first top.  I'm so thankful that Teresa told me about pre-cut squares, it made the process easy. And that was a nice option because I did it by hand. Then I started on making a Christmas throw (by hand) with Candy Land - my first experience with Moda! Very exciting!  I still have about 1/2 of it to quilt - by hoop. It's a UFO! LOL!

April/May 2009
I came across Kelly's store and noticed she had a blog.  I knew what a blog was but never had interest in reading anyone's blog. So I clicked on it - WOW! It was a blog about quilting! Who knew? VERY EXCITING!

June 2009
A very sweet lady, Louise, who crochets, knits, sews, embroiders...asks if I would be interested in a Gammill she purchased about 11 years ago. I'm thinking...NO WAY!!! Good thing I met Kelly because she answered a bunch of questions I had about quilting machines. I would have asked Louise but she never took it out of the box.

July 2009
I joined the Charming Girls' Quilt Club. Which has the most amazing, talented ladies I've ever (not) met. I'm also lucky to have a few ladies I work with that I can share my hobby with.

August 2009
I started my blog. Where I've met more amazing & talented ladies I've ever (not) met.

I feel like one of those snow balls that gets bigger as it's rolling down the hill. And as I'm rolling, I can't stop giggling! I'm still giggling! All I needed was a little push...thanks Teresa! Well, as of today, I have completed 7 quilt tops & quilted 12 quilts. So far, it has been an amazing ride! Can it get any better than this? LOL!


  1. My SIL gave me that book for Christmas this year. :-)

  2. What a great story. :) I enjoy blogging with you Michelle.

  3. You are so right it doesn't get better than that... sewing with you has been so great and I still hope we will meet someday and get a real hug. Your story is wonderful and I am so glad you took up quilting and blogging!

  4. I have the newer one that says "Quilts, Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts" I had an extra so I put it up for sale. It is a great book though. Thankks for sharing your wonderful story. It's been alot of fun quilting along with you and the Charming Girls, so glad there's always something fun up ahead.

  5. I love hearing about your quilting story. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects and your future ones.

  6. I have the same Quilts book....from way back when. I enjoyed your story...quilting just gets better and better!!

  7. Sounds like you're on this ride for life, lol! Wow a wow wow. I'm jealous!

  8. You know what the "Snowball affect" is, don't you?

    Every seven years your money doubles........

    So maybe every seven years your quilting is going to double...LOL

  9. Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!

  10. What a great story Michelle! Wow, it was so long between the book and your first quilt - but look at you go now!!! I love how your friend encouraged you to get started - and that you've made so many new friends! And, I'm especially glad that I get to share in this wild, snowball of a journey with you!!!

  11. Your story is wonderful and I am so glad you took up quilting and blogging
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  12. and now you are making beautiful quilts with the best of them...good for you.....