Nov 11, 2010

Holiday Traditions...

 That is our theme for the CGQC...there are two I would like to share.

1. I used to put the Christmas tree/decorations up the weekend of Thanksgiving but it really put a strain on me.  Between the cooking, visiting & shopping - it can get CRAZY!  So for the past 2 years, we've been putting our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This has made the holiday time more fun & less stressful.

2. On Christmas Eve, we let our little guy open one present.  The catch, we are the ones that pick the gift (wink wink) and wha'da know????  New PJ's!!!!  And those Christmas morning pictures come out a little sweeter when he's in his new pj's.  I wonder how long before he figures out the system is rigged...giggle!

I look forward to reading what everyone else has to share.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Hmm...that sounds a lot like my family's Christmas Eve tradition. Except that when we get home from church, new PJs are on our beds and then we get to pick one present from family (aka siblings or extended family...parent presents don't count) to open before reading Night Before Christmas etc.

  2. ahhh Michelle...I like this....the PJ thing really is something if you do will always do...I am still doing it and my kids are in their...well let me just share they are adults lol...
    lovely share

  3. Now how come I didn't think of that years ago! Our Christmas morning pics would have been so much cuter.

  4. We've done the pj thing every year too, although Santa always left the pj's under the tree while we were out at church. (It was a long time before they figured out exactly WHY mom always forgot something and had to run back in the house before we left for mass!) One year we even had Santa deliver the pj's on Christmas Eve, in person! Now my oldest is 23 and we still do the pj's every year...only now we open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve.

  5. For many years, when the boys were small, we didn't put the tree up til Christmas Eve. Hubby would take the boys out first thing in the morning to get the tree, then we'd spend the rest of the day trimming it, drinking hot chocolate and singing carols. Then midnight mass, open ONE gift, and off to bed. And the tree always came down New Year's day. I don't like dusting ornaments, can you tell? LOL! Now the tree goes up whenever they take it out, sigh. They don't like waiting.

  6. I like your pj idea. The kids can open one present on Christmas eve...they are always puching for more. LOL