Aug 23, 2010

A real find on the Bargains Galore on 64 trail...

If my memory serves me right, we were traveling west bound on 64 and we just got through Conway, AR.  We were in a curve (with neon signs stating a sale up ahead) and as I was slowing down, we come up on this...a real treasure...
It's like out of now where, there is an artist located on HWY 64?!?!?!!  LOL!  We couldn't help but start checking out the sculptures.  There were 2 different sellers set up on this man's land & approached us to let us know that there were more sculptures in the back yard.
Well, to come across something like this was like a cool, tall glass of lemonade for the soul.  It was refreshing.  I appreciate most forms of art and to find this in the middle of Arkansas was a real treat.


  1. How amazing are those - what a great find! I love coming upon unexpected things like this.

  2. What a blast!!!! Some people are so creative.