Aug 17, 2010

Bargains Galore on 64 - The treasures...

Here are a few things I got on Friday.  I got several hoops so I can display some of my favorite fabrics.  Then I scored a set of Laura Ashley Flannel sheets.  The wooden Pepsi crate (in great condition) - $1.00.  I KNOW!!!  The women at this sale had many items over priced & her husband was standing next to me when I asked him how much.  He didn't have to tell me twice, I handed him the dollar & took off running before his wife could find out what happened.  That was a funny moment.  And to top it off, my husband told me the crate was made in June of 1975 - very cool.  I asked him how did he know - it's stamped inside the crate...duh...

This chair was one of my best finds.  It's old & could use some work but the more I look at it the more I'm glad I didn't have to fight anyone over!  It's one of those chairs that folds up into a step ladder.  I figure I could give the old quilt rack a rest and stack my quilts on this chair.
 I got this sewing cabinet to use in my sewing room.  Not only is it a great spot for my computer but also to use as a cutting table.
 This lamp is also for my sewing room.  I wanted more light near my sewing machine and I saw this beauty.  It originally came with the glass cover sitting on the table but I still bought it even though it had chips.  I figure I would just get a replacement cover and sure enough - a few sales later, I came across an old ceiling fan with 5 glass covers for a BUCK!
These magazines are very cool!  For .25 cents a piece, I couldn't pass them up.  It was a day of treasure hunting, there were times we felt like the guys from American Pickers - minus the camera crew...LOL!  And speaking of treasure, I have one more to share but that can wait til later...


  1. What great bargains. You must have had a great time, Michelle. I'd love to just take a day and explore and FIND !!

  2. Well worth the trip! You got so many great bargains. I bet you enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.

  3. What fabulous finds!!!! I love the Pepsi crate. The sewing cabinet looks like it is in great condition too.

  4. WONDERFUL bargains! I love the lamp, oh my...and that CHAIR!!! That would have made my day, wow! Good job hon!

  5. Wow - you got some great stuff for great prices! Very fun! Especially love the chair for your quilts!