Jul 6, 2010

Quick update...

Hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th!  We did!  I just wanted to share a few tops I finished.
With this first top, I was inspired by Lisa - Crafty Little Mama. This one needs to be quilted & binded then mailed out asap:
This one needs to be quilted & binded.  Just wanting for the panto:
 This is my CGQC quilt that I need to quilt & bind.  Too bad the picture came out a little dark - it's much prettier in person.  The lime color reminds me of that song...You put the lime in the coconut, I said DOCTOR...anyhoo...
I finally finished my Astor Manor scrap bag baby recipe...it's a very fun & simple pattern.  I love it!  You can find it on the Moda Bake Shop.
Then I couldn't help myself & went ahead and did one in Nautical & Nice.


  1. oh inspiration abound, well done, what a great effort, I am off to my sewing machine, strike while the iron/inspirations hot, thanks!

  2. Beautiful finishes Michelle! Now comes the quilting and binding...

  3. Such pretty quilts Michelle! I love the flag one, and the Schnibbles, too! And, your quilt along one - also VERY cute - now I've got that song in my head (smile)! Great sewing, Michelle!

  4. Michelle, you've been busy. Love that Plan C. So cheerful, and your quilt along too. Heck, I love them all. WOW.

  5. Golly, those are so pretty!!!!! I love the flag quilt!

  6. LOL! I am so happy that I am not the only one on the planet that remembers the Lime in the Coconut song. I remember it from the Muppet Show. True confession: I have it on my iPod how's that for geeky?