Jul 8, 2010

CGQC July & August Goals

 Kelly has shakin' some things up at the club.  If you hadn't had a chance to see what the changes are - click here! The theme for July/August is:
You can check it out here.  I have a few things to share but I'll get to that sometime soon.  I also need a couple of more days to think about my 1. My & 2. Family priorities...I want a little more time to think about it.  Well, come to think of it I can at least list MY goals for July & August:
  1. Plan C (small) Schnibbles - quilt & bind it before the contest deadline (July 30th???)
  2. McGruffey (big) Schnibbles - making it from scratch, hope to complete it in time for the contest deadline.
  3. Wiscasset Flag - quilt & bind & then mail it - ASAP.
  4. Between Charming Friends Quilt Along (small) - quilt & bind it.
CAN I GET FRIES WITH THAT? lol! Okay, that it's for now.  I want to get some sewing in tonight...hehehe!


  1. I can't wait to see both of your Schnibbles quilts. Good luck in the contests!

    BTW-Aug will be here soon & football season will be starting shortly! School starts on Aug 9 for yes!!!!!!

    BTW-I am sick of the HEAT & Aug is always the worst!


  2. LOL :) I'm thinking of my goals, too. Good luck! Hope you get some fries:)