Jul 7, 2010



is not a pretty thing, by the grace of God we don't have it in our family gene pool - that we know of.  But the funny thing is my mom went to CA (several months ago) to visit her sister & sure enough my aunt showed signs of memory loss -she's only in her mid 70's.  My mom was really freaking out.  At first she would argue with my aunt about whatever, until my mom got a clue - her sister didn't remember.  She stayed there for about 2 months (can't remember how long - no pun intended) so she had the chance to see the changes in her sister's behavior.  Of course - this just upset my mom.  She'd call me crying and tell me that if she lost her mind that I should put her in a home...on and on.  But I reminded her that I would take care of her - in our home until she went HOME - know what I'm talking about?  That didn't comfort her, so I told her it wouldn't matter what I say now because if/when you do lose your mind, you'll be living with me and you won't even know it - so this conversation is usless.  She laughed and said okay.  And we made arrangements for my aunt before my mom left.  Which brings me to the reason I'm doing this post...Jeffree Itrich.

Jeffree contacted & asked me if I would be interested in spreading this message:
Quilts brighten the lives of Alzheimer's Patients

Quilters have long known that a quilt is a loving tribute that bonds quilters with recipients across generations and across vast distances. The warmth of a quilt is enhanced by the often bright patterns and colorful images which frequently suggest a simpler time.
Under a unique donation program organized by Jeffree Itrich of the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) and the University of California San Diego, quilts are brightening the lives of Alzheimer's patients around the nation.
The Alzheimer’s Study Quilt Program began in late January 2010. As a quilter herself, she knows how positively people react when given a quilt and how quilters are amazingly generous people. Her plea for quilts to give participants in the NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Study was picked up by numerous quilting newsletters. Good Samaritans circulated the request for quilts and they began arriving from communities all over the U.S. The program has received nearly enough quilts for all the NGF Study participants and are now looking for quilts for our IgIV and ADNI studies.

Those study participants who have received quilts so far realize that the quilts were made with love, sincerity, and gratitude (to the volunteers for participating in the study and helping future generations). Many of the quilters had family members with Alzheimer’s (AD). One woman who lost her mother to AD made and donated 12 quilts and another whose grandfather had AD provided 11 quilts. A woman in Pennsylvania made five flannel quilts in one week!

If you would like to donate a lap-sized quilt to the Alzheimer’s Quilt Study Project, please contact Jeffree Itrich at jitrich@ucsd.edu.
Now, I went ahead & clicked on http://www.adcs.org/ to learn a little more.  After exchanging emails with Jeffree, I feel like this is a good cause.  I was asked to spread this message.  So, to anyone out there who might be interested, you can learn more at http://www.adcs.org/.  Also, here is a picture of Jeffree holding a donated quilt & if you have any questions you can contact her at:

Jeffree Itrich
Sr. Clinical Trials Communications Specialist
Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study
University of California, San Diego
(858) 622-5827


  1. What a great cause! Thanks for posting this. Also, Ami Simms has a great website for quilters to make small quilts, they're auctioned off to raise money for research.

    Yep, we quilters can make a difference!

  2. This is a great cause. I'll definitely participate as soon as I finish all the projects on my table to get it out of the way. My husband lost both of his grandparents to alzheimer not too long ago.

  3. what a great cause for a horrible disease, thanks for sharing it Michelle!