Nov 30, 2013

How to attach a wreath to your car.

Every year, for the past 14 (?) years, the day of or after Thanksgiving we decorate our cars with a wreath...I LOVE this tradition!  Not only does it put me in a festive mood, I love seeing kids smile when they see it.  Now before I begin - I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL when it comes to this but I have used common sense when figuring out how to put a wreath on our cars and wanted to share the process with you.

1. What you will need:  wreath, bow, scissors, glue gun, 2-4 zip ties (the long ones - 12-14 inches), dark green felt and wire cutters.

2. Take the wreath and bend all the branches upward (even the branches that are in the back). This will be the front.

3. Now you are going to add felt to the back of the wreath.  Flip the wreath over and cut the felt into big rectangular blocks. USE AS MUCH FELT AS YOU WANT because you don't want the wreath to rub up against the front of your car.  Then use your glue gun to glue the felt the wreath.  This does not have to be pretty, just make sure all metal parts of the wreath are covered.

4.  After the glue has cooled, flip it over and adjust the branches a little.  Grab your bow and twist tie it to the top of your wreath.  Most bows come with a twist tie, if your bow doesn't have one you can use string/twine to secure it.
5. Get your glue gun and start gluing the back of the ribbon (top to bottom) to the branches.  This keeps your bow in place and adds more stability.  I usually bend the branches to match up with the ribbon before I start gluing.

6. Attaching the wreath to your car.  Now I am lucky enough to have a metal grill on the front of my car.  It has squares I can put the zip ties through.  At this point, hold up the wreath to the spot you want to put it and mark (with tape) where the zip ties need to be.  Attach the wreath with the zip ties - loosely.  Don't put the zip ties all the way - yet.  Once you make sure the wreath is centered - then pull the zip ties until they are tightened.  Make sure the wreath is tightly secure, you don't want it blowing around. Then take the wire cutters and cut the excess plastic strip.

7. Once you have tightened it, adjust the branches.  In the picture below, the bottom right hand side needs to be adjusted.
You are ready to roll!

Now when I had my Dodge minivan (years ago) the wreath did rub some paint off.  I am not sensitive when my car gets dings in it.  If you are - don't do this.  Also, if you have a better idea on a certain step - please let me know!

And I'm going to take a play out of the all those medication commercials by saying:  As much joy this will bring to you and others, you assume all responsibility if you attach a wreath to your car.  :)


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