Nov 16, 2013

4 t-shirt quilts in 3 months

I love making these kinds of quilts.  The icing on the cake is when the person receives it and tells me that they are happy with it.  I have a few more to make but I have realized that I have not made a quilt for a long time.  Terry over at Terry's Treasures is starting a sew-along in January.  You can see how it's pieced on a You Tube video on her post.
It's a pretty pattern.  Before I commit - I'm going to take a few days to chew on it but if this pattern speaks to you, you should check it out.


  1. Great T-shirt quilts! I hope you'll join in the sew-along...the more, the merrier! Thanks for sharing about it! :0)

    1. Thank you! Like several people have said that they wanted to get other unfinished projects done before joining another sew-along...I feel the same way. BUT I really like the pattern you've picked. So, I guess I need to figure it!

  2. Wonderful and meaningful quilts!

  3. Love your t-shirt quilts... !♥