Mar 20, 2012

Scrubs made into a quilt...

I finished this lap sized quilt about 2 weeks ago.  Jen had this made for her husband.  He just finished his dental internship...I couldn't help but think of Dr. McDreamy (work with me)!  All the blue fabric is made up of the scrubs, the yellow represents the Marquette University school colors and I found dental fabric to use as the border.  It measures about 60x60.  I think it would look nice as a wall hanging.

I've been busy sewing.  As soon as Jodi receives her 3 quilts, I'll do another post.  Have a great week!


  1. Now this is a first for me! Nicely done and how special.

  2. That's it - I'm saving all the scrubs my aunt gave me that are too big! This is wonderful, hon!

  3. Scrubs? I often see scrubs at the Good Will Store.
    Who would have thought. Very nice!