Aug 14, 2011

Maybe next year...

For the past 6-8 weeks, the weather has been in the 100's - SUPER HOT!.  The day before Bargains Galore on 64, there are several thunderstorm fronts sweeping across AZ, TX & OK and will hit AR over the next several days.  Let me skip to the commercial version - the weather people were right & my trip was not meant to happen this year.  So I checked the weather radar (again) & the storms are coming.  I was not going to drive 2 hours to have my adventure cancelled.  I'll just make plans to go next year...if it doesn't!


  1. I think you are smart - with that long a dry hot spell, those storms could be worse - be safe at home.

  2. Safe at home sounds like the place to be!

  3. We had one day of the storm you are describing and I guarantee the best place to be is home.
    As you said there is always next year!
    I wish we had some of your warm weather though, our temp has not been any higher than 19C . I had to get the sweaters out.
    Stay safe♥

  4. BOOOO!! Bummer that you couldn't go. But better safe at home than in nasty weather. You made the right decision.