Jul 22, 2011

Public Service Announcement

This is a reminder to drink water during this 'SUPER HOT' time...unless your Barb in Seattle freezing...hehe!  I'm not a health care professional but I do know that we need to keep our bodies hydrated.  Everyone's busy with work, gardening, swimming, sewing...blah, blah blah...and the list goes on and during this busy time you might have a 'thin girl' moment and forget to drink fluids.  Please make sure your kids, parents, friends and pets are getting enough water.  Thank you.

ps...defining 'thin girl' moment - some of you might have heard a thin person say 'No, I haven't eaten.  I've been so busy I forgot.'  I wish I had that problem! LOL!


  1. Excellent reminder Michelle. Very important. I'm drinking some ice tea right now, as I head off to play in my sewing room.


  2. Yeah, I've never forgotten to eat, either! Staying cool in the sewing basement.

  3. HA! me too! But I do keep up with my water. It's my drink of choice. Stay cool!

  4. Good reminder, Michelle! We've been drinking LOTS.
    I say that all the time, but it doesn't work for me - I'm still not thin, even after forgetting meals!

  5. Thanks for that important reminder :-) It is easy to forget to drink water!