Jun 3, 2011

CGQC May(?)/June Goals...

 I'm a little behind so I'll just focus on June, I have a few things I'd like to complete/start:

1. Red, White & Blue pillow case.  I need to go through my stash to find the right fabrics.  This is for Carol of Brown Quilts.  Carol had a real touching post & if your interested in making a special kind of pillow case, you can check it out here.
2. Bind Scratch made of Chic or Treat.
3. Start on the Log-A-Load t-shirt quilt...needs to be completed by the first week in August.
4. Get a jump start on the Carolina bag!  This is one of Kim's, of Sherrod Studio, patterns.  You can find more of her patterns here.

Even though I've listed my goals, I reserve the right to add or change my list...lol! Have a great weekend!

ps...if you haven't listed your goals, you can click here.


  1. I'm not going to list my goals - they're staring me in the face, scattered all over my sewing room, lol! Yours sound very do-able. I need to make my pillowcases too.

  2. Good luck with those goals! I made two pillowcases for Carol and her friend yesterday. I forgot how fun they are to make. I'll have to check out that Carolina bag, being that I'm a Carolina girl!

  3. Great goals - you're going to be a busy girl!! Like change your mind - and add the quilt along :) :)!! Can't wait to see all of your pretty projects!