Oct 16, 2010

DIY Fix/Paint the House Vacation & a finish!

This was a fun quilt to make!  I can't wait for M.E. to pick it up.  She's the one that picked the M. Miller fabric and I guess if I had a daughter, I would want crowns for my princess too.  Very nice choice!  There's a few things I want to share about making this type of quilt but I'll do that in a later post.

Oh, the last 4 days have been exciting & exhausting!  We've been replacing trim and painting the outside of our house.  We have finished about 1/2 of what we wanted to get done.  Considering we are not professional contractors, we're excited with what progress we have made - very exciting!  I've been working so hard, the muscles in my hands are ripped...lol!

Secret Santa Update...I'm almost done with the wreath.  But I was thinking...maybe I might want to do this instead...
I still have time, right?  Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  The weather is BEAUTIFUL here!  Talk to ya'll later...


  1. Great job on the t-shirt quilt! Fixing up the house doesn't sound fun to my anymore, I get sore just thinking about it, but I used to love it, lol.

  2. Great T shirt quilt.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. wow i love the quilting on your quilt. Did you do it yourself? Well done

  4. Congratulations on finishing the t-shirt quilt! I can't wait to hear all your tips for this one! :0)

  5. We seem to be in the same boat; I, too have a pile of Christmas precuts, waiting for me to attempt a mad dash to get them assembled! And congrats on finishing the T-shirt quilt, too. :)