Dec 19, 2009

My Secret Santa...

is AWESOME! & the sweetest when it comes to gift giving.  I am the LUCKIEST girl.  Carolyn of Lakeside Quilting, had my name.  And this is what she gave me...a beautiful card.
 The prettiest tote...the fabric is soft & much prettier than the picture...
 And then all of this...

Everything was wrapped, in that pretty tote...and the small quilt kit (in the brown bag) is AWESOME! When finished, it will measure 15 x 18! How cute is that?  As I was going through my goodies, I couldn't help but (for a brief moment) feel like that cartoon character - Daffy Duck.  There is an episode where Daffy is holding onto something, yelling 'It's mine! All mine!'.  I really feel like a little kid, I can't stop giggling!!!

Carolyn...(again) thank you for all the wonderful gifts.  I can't wait to make that quilt.  I really am a lucky gal!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow what a gorgeous collection of goodies. Have a very Happy Christmas

  2. Wow! Michelle ..those are beautiful gifts and so special because they come from a friend...Secret Santa!

  3. You are very lucky! Merry Christmas and enjoy!

  4. What a lovely gift -- Carolyn was a very Sweet Santa! Love the bag, and can't wait to see that mini-quilt!

  5. I'm so glad you liked everything! :o) Merry Christmas!